Gaw is a Linux software tool for displaying analog waveforms from sampled datas, for example from the output of simulators or input from sound cards. Data can be imported to gaw using files, direct tcp/ip connection or directly from the sound card. Gaw is based on the Gtk2+ toolkit. The Gaw software is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.


2012-09-29 : gaw2-20120928.tar.gz gaw3-20120928.tar.gz

See Changelog for changes. There are now 2 packages: gaw2 for gtk2 and gaw3 for gtk3.

2011-04-25 : gaw-20110425.tar.gz

See Changelog for changes.

2011-01-10 : gaw-20110110.tar.gz

See Changelog for changes. Update of places where you can find gaw at TuxFamily. at personnal home page. at personnal home page. The two last servers have the same contents and intended to let the pages available when one fails... and that happens.

2010-09-23 : gaw-20100923.tar.gz

See Changelog for changes.

2010-09-15 : New hosting at Tuxfamily

Gaw has now its home page at TuxFamily. However it will still be available at my personnal home page. TuxFamily provides free hosting services and development environment for groups for free projects. So feel free to join the project.

2010-09-02 : gaw-20100902.tar.gz

See Changelog for changes.